May 2019

Getting Excited

Don’t know if any-one reads this , but slowly getting the site set up. found software to use for tutorial. Got my tablet working in Gimp, doesn’t like windows 10, but then. Who does?

More Stuff Added

Just added some comics to the 3 different comics. They are old ones but good ones, so I say. Also made changes to tutorial links and updated them. Have been trying out suitable screen grabbing software for the tutorials, now, I believe I have found one. I am going to try and mix CamStudio, OBS…Read more

Created Funnies Page

Just uploaded some old comics in the Funnies section. A mixture of black and white and colour. Got the page looking OK, on the mobile, but a bit strange on the computer. New uploads includes comics from Dazzas Hard Life in the Funnies section.

What a Mess

Well, still trying to get my Inkscape Tute looking right. Oh!! What the heck!! I’ll keep plogging along, at the moment, it’s stretching too wide. I’ll load the tute, then fix the code after. I’m not doing it in WordPress just thought it would be easy to write it, Hahahahaha. The main sites are on…Read more

Started loading Tutes

Today has been spent brushing up on CSS and Html5, not funny. Any ways, got a couple of panels of an inkscape tutorial up. Will load the rest tomorrow but having trouble centering, when page gets reduced for mobile phones. Probly have more troubles than that, if it comes together the Gimp tutorials should be…Read more