Links to Krita Tutorials

Well, if you didn’t know by now , I am an Open Source software nut, not because it is free, it has a community that work together, to create awesome software. Krita is one of those fantastic software packages. After spending many years using linux (Ubuntu), I gained respect for the Libre world of software. I found that spending a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s better. So I created a page with links to Krita download and Krita tutorials you will also in time, find links to other open software packages.

At the moment I have pages with links to Gimp, Inkscape. One thing you will need with Frita is a graphic tablet, desn’t have to be big flashy one, but make sure the drivers are compatible. Mine is a 4 inch x 6 inch as long as you can draw moving your fingers and wrists it’s cool. I will be posting exercises I learnt years ago that are now very handy. They seemed to have stopped me getting RSI, not that they will for others.

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