Added Gimp Tutorial

Last night started putting up Dolphin Tutorial for Gimp. The tutorial is basically starting with a pencil drawing, use path tool to deep etch the image, add color to the dolphin. Adding waves and sky keeping it simple. Generously, I also have added a pencil drawing link, to download the pencil drawing of the dolphin. dolphin tutorial click here

I will also add a tutorial for the Path Tool, and other little tutorials to add to this first tutorial. As I wrote the tutorial while recreating the image, I may have missed some things. Hopefully all the added mini tutorials, will be added, before any-one finishes the dolphin. Will add more on wave creating with brushes and using brushes to deepen the sky effect.

From This

To This

A fun way of turning hand drawings into coloured digital art.

Links to Krita Tutorials

Well, if you didn’t know by now , I am an Open Source software nut, not because it is free, it has a community that work together, to create awesome software. Krita is one of those fantastic software packages. After spending many years using linux (Ubuntu), I gained respect for the Libre world of software. I found that spending a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s better. So I created a page with links to Krita download and Krita tutorials you will also in time, find links to other open software packages.

At the moment I have pages with links to Gimp, Inkscape. One thing you will need with Frita is a graphic tablet, desn’t have to be big flashy one, but make sure the drivers are compatible. Mine is a 4 inch x 6 inch as long as you can draw moving your fingers and wrists it’s cool. I will be posting exercises I learnt years ago that are now very handy. They seemed to have stopped me getting RSI, not that they will for others.

Added links Gimp brushes

On my Gimp Tutorial page I added two more links for Gimp. These 2 links are for adding brushes and installing in Gimp. Some maybe useful or a waste of time, depending on the individuals needs.

Fooled around with them to see what was useful, in future will post videos of different brushes and how they perform. I hope this information may be helpful to those new to Gimp.

More Stuff Added

Just added some comics to the 3 different comics. They are old ones but good ones, so I say. Also made changes to tutorial links and updated them. Have been trying out suitable screen grabbing software for the tutorials, now, I believe I have found one.

I am going to try and mix CamStudio, OBS and Blender, should be interesting. Blender is a fantastic program for editing simple video. Am going to experiment with overlaying certain elements over OBS video in Blender. Should be interesting.

Not using a microphone at the moment, have to buy one. Never needed one before, if I can, will try to use written text instead. For those wondering, what all those programs do, click their link, and check them out.