First part of Paths Tutorial

Added jump links on page. Placed section 1 of paths tutorial, now adding second part. Should all be up tonight, only have to write it, already have art work done. Once this is up I have old tutes that I will rewrite and place up on not only Gimp but also Inkscape that’s where using…Read more

Working on Paths Tutorial 2

Paths Tutorial 1 Creating a circle Started placing tutorial using path tool to draw a circle. this will be divided in to three tutorials. Drawing a circle, a square and a scribble line of your own making.The better you get the more crooked the line can be.

Working on Paths Tutorial

Started work yesterday on Paths tutorial for Gimp , but also suitable for other graphic programs, the way the pen, path or curves tool works is the same. Prepared graphics and text but need to find anchor or jump links in creation in WordPress. Looking for online tutorials now.

Added Links

Still haven’t posted my new tutorials, but instead started a page with links to Open Source Projects, around art, animation and photography. I hope you find these useful, in time I will add site and information links to each one. Support to Open Source is important if we want community supported software.

Created Funnies Page

Just uploaded some old comics in the Funnies section. A mixture of black and white and colour. Got the page looking OK, on the mobile, but a bit strange on the computer. New uploads includes comics from Dazzas Hard Life in the Funnies section.