First part of Paths Tutorial

Added jump links on page. Placed section 1 of paths tutorial, now adding second part. Should all be up tonight, only have to write it, already have art work done. Once this is up I have old tutes that I will rewrite and place up on not only Gimp but also Inkscape that’s where using the path tool comes in handy. It’s funny back in 1993 I did a short 2 night course in Photoshop, using pen tool and loved it. The compositers that ran the show made it look easy. At that time I was tutoring Airbrushing and Screen-printing, Tshirt and Poster printing. Using it for original lettering deep etching shapes (imported images) or just drawing original artwork with them. I better get back to putting up the next section.

Added Links

Still haven’t posted my new tutorials, but instead started a page with links to Open Source Projects, around art, animation and photography. I hope you find these useful, in time I will add site and information links to each one. Support to Open Source is important if we want community supported software.