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My own tutorials are coming soon, thanks for being patient. While I’m here, for those that love photography and don’t own expensive software and haven’t heard of darktable click this link and check it out. It has a different capability to Gimp. I find that there are many amazing artists writing tutorials that I would rather share links to good tutorials.

First I’d like to put up links for external Gimp tutorials, as I find reasonable tutorials, they will be posted.

Gimp 2.1010 new features and changes

Gimp Tutorials Gimp official site.

Check out the amazing tutorials at

Libre Graphics World has incredible tutorials for open source projects such as Krita, Gimp and MyPaint. Check them out, prepare to be amazed, at what can be done in the world of Open Source.

I also found tutorials for Gimp brushes, testing them now. One of the links also has how to install the brushes.