Inkscape Tutorials

Creating Art in Inkscape

I have had to put a little hold on the tutorials, for the moment. I found the tutes, that I had done before, are outdated. Possibly, they are useable, but I feel it may be confusing for beginners. This includes the tutorial below, I will leave it there temporarily, but it is 3/4 complete.

Still being built thankyou for being patient.

While I’m updating my own tutorials to work with the latest version, here’s some links to some very interesting Inkscape tutorials

Caligraphy with Inkscape

If you use a tablet and like calligraphy, this tutorial could be good start for you. It explains some interesting techiniques and some good hints and tips for using Inkscape for calligraphy. Let’s grab the stylus open the page and start writing. For more exciting tutorials visit

For those that are onterested in Open source or just interested in what is happening in this strange world of libre graphics, I am supplying a link to what seems to be an outstanding resource in open graphic software

Peter Grayson 2019 May